The Unsilent Church:

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Month: December 2016

  • Sam Bee Nails It…

    As a addendum of yesterday’s blog, please see these two videos from the Samantha Bee show.  She does a brilliant (if a bit raunchy) job of deconstructing the rise of the Religious Right.  Enjoy!    

  • Silent White Church–Repent!

    Silent White Church–Repent!

    Okay, progressive white Christians, enough is enough. Enough of being polite. Our politeness has rendered us irrelevant. Our politeness has rendered us obsolete. Our politeness has rendered us silent. Our politeness has rendered us faithless.    That’s right, I said it.  We have spent the last 30 years trying NOT to be like those “impolite” Christians […]

  • Because I can’t find the words…

    Because I can’t find the words just yet, I want to share this beautiful, powerful and sad blog post from a great anti-racist activist and person of faith.  Thank you, Austin Channing. I will write, soon…