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Brain rest.

Dear friends—

Welp, running late again today, but here I am!  My heart and brain are being pulled in multiple, and somewhat contradicting, directions today.  I am thinking about Stephan “tWitch” Boss who died Tuesday by suicide, leaving behind his family and millions of fans.  I am thinking about President Biden signing the Respect for Marriage Act and how much things have changed (or haven’t) in 10 years.  I am thinking about Aaron Dean, the white former officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson in her home in Ft. Worth, being found guilty of manslaughter today.  I am thinking about Music Sunday and how excited I am for our worship service.  I am thinking about Shane Shobey and his grieving family.  I am thinking about the two executions of protestors this week and all the missing women and girls in Iran.  I am thinking about how desperately I want the sun to shine here in Michigan—holy clouds, Batman!!

There is so much going on in our world.  I don’t think our brains have evolved enough to be able to take in so much at one time.  If we think about it, evolutionarily-speaking, it has really only been in the past century that people were able to get news about other parts of the world in any consistent or timely way.  And it has only been in the last 25 years with the internet that we can get information 24/7 about almost anything.  We hear of people suffering in Iran and in Detroit.  We see people mourning in Ukraine and in Ypsilanti.  We can be bombarded with news all the time if we let ourselves.  We have even created words for it—doom scrolling.  I don’t think our human brains or hearts are equipped to take in so much, especially so much heaviness and suffering. 

We have to find ways to remove ourselves from the barrage.  We can’t disconnect forever, but it is okay to remove yourself from time to time.  We need to give our brains some rest.  We need to give our hearts some space to heal.  I find that creating something with my hands helps.  Or listening to Lizzo really loud.  Or going to a barre class and working out.  Or binge watching Netflix.  Disconnect if you can.  Engage in something that helps you breathe deeper.  Rest that beautiful brain of yours so that you can find God working in your life.  Don’t worry if your disconnecting doesn’t seem holy or good enough.  Just rest, friends.  Rest if you can.  Have fun.  And remember that you are loved.







2 responses to “Brain rest.”

  1. Rev. Dr. Deborah Dean-Ware Avatar


    I love your writing. You write the way I wish a could. Thinking out loud hear – might I read this to my congregation on January 1? (with credit to you of course) I think it will fit with my message.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with me,
    Diane White


    1. Rev. Dr. Deborah Dean-Ware Avatar

      Of course! I am glad it is meaningful to you. Be well!!


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