The Unsilent Church:

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the silence of snow…

Hello friends—

For the past several weeks, my son, Josiah, has been hoping for snow, and it looks like he will get his wish!  We have “a storm of a generation” barreling towards us, and it will make our Christmas white.  Now, the older I get the less I look forward to a white Christmas…snow is way more of a hassle than it is worth, especially during a high travel times like the holidays.  But we live in Michigan and in Michigan, we often get snow in December.  At least it will cover the brown grass for awhile and will give the clouds a purpose other than just being gray and dark.

With my admission of my crabbiness about the weather, I will also state that there is a certain peacefulness to a snowstorm (though I acknowledge people who are unhoused or under resourced struggle deeply during extreme weather.).  It is hard to put my finger on what it is, but things feel quieter and slower-paced.  Maybe it is the motion of the snowflakes falling in a sort of a hypnotic way .  Maybe it is less cars on the road.  Maybe it is the fact that we need to stay put as much as possible.  Maybe the snow itself absorbs sound.  Whatever the reason, there is a silence about a snowstorm, a natural mute button on our noisy world.  Unlike many other weather forms, snow forces us to slow down.  Right now in the hours leading up to the snow, there is a bit of chaos, but when it hits and we are all home safe, we can hopefully enjoy the peace. 

If you can today or tomorrow, pause in your busyness to take in the quiet.  Turn off the computer or tv, open the door and feel the cold (if not too windy of course).  See how sacred and beautiful our world can be when silent.  Lift a prayer for those who don’t have access to shelter and/or heat.  Remember that God draws close in the quiet, and that there may be a special Advent or Christmas message just for you in the still small voice of God.







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