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  • Pregnant quiet

    Dear friends- Merry Christmas Eve!  We have made it through Advent, and tonight and tomorrow morning we get the opportunity to celebrate with reckless abandon.  Frankly, this Advent feels like it flew by quicker than usual.  That might be that I am getting older and time does that as we age.  It might have been […]

  • Baby it’s cold outside…

    Hello friends— One might say that I have a very convenient commute from home to church.  A couple of years ago after I got my first smart watch, I tracked that it is about 500 steps (for me as a 5’4” woman) to go from my door to the church’s parking lot door.  In real […]

  • the silence of snow…

    Hello friends— For the past several weeks, my son, Josiah, has been hoping for snow, and it looks like he will get his wish!  We have “a storm of a generation” barreling towards us, and it will make our Christmas white.  Now, the older I get the less I look forward to a white Christmas…snow […]

The Unsilent Church

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